Placed DateFeb 22 2011
LocationHowe Farm Park, Port Orchard, WA
Found ByTeam Burt (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 4 2013
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ATTENTION: This Letterbox and Stamp are missing and I need help carving a new stamp.

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~~~ Box #9: The Clever Fox ~~~

This box is 1 of 9 boxes in a series. You may seek each of them independently of another and in no particular order. The Stamps, Logbooks and Containers are hand-made!

Back in 2006, "Papaya" created a box series named "The Gingerbread Man". Needless to say, I went looking for them and had lots of fun hunting for them. However, I was able to find only 5 out of 6 boxes.

A few years later, after the owner moved out of state and archived the series, I accidentally discovered one of them was still in it's original hiding place. So, I set out to find what remained of the series.

With 4 of the 6 original boxes and stamps found, I commissioned 5 more stamps to be carved by "Terrakacher". Subsequently, I created my own rendition of the "Gingerbread Man" story with 9 boxes.

Now you have the chance to hunt for this series. Some of the places, where my boxes are hidden, are the originally hiding places. I hope you have fun hunting for this letterbox series as I did several years ago!

WARNING!!! There are lots of Noxers walking their dogs in this park! So, please be cautious when you are retrieving and replacing each of the boxes from their hiding places!

The Gingerbread Man, being frightened of the Big Black Dog, reversed his course and headed South. Shortly thereafter, he realized his mistake, because the Trail ended at a Creek. As he stood there by a Pile of Rocks on his Right, he cried out "Oh, no!, They will catch me! I must find a way across this creek." At that very moment, a Big Red Fox came out of the bushes and said, "I can help you! All you have to do is jump upon my back and I will take you across to the other side. I'm going that way anyway." The Gingerbread Man replied, "I don't trust you! You just want to eat me like all the others." In response, the clever Fox said, "Of course not, young man, I have already had dinner!" So, the Gingerbread Man agreed and jumped upon the Fox's back. Just before the Fox started across the river, he said:

This river does get very deep ahead,

So you better jump up on my nose instead.

So the Gingerbread Man jumps upon his nose.

And suddenly, the clever Fox quickly throws,

The Gingerbread Man very high up into the air,

And with a 'Snap!', the Fox caught him with care.

He was a tasty morsel after all, he thought!

As all the farm animals gathered at the edge of the creek, they saw the Fox crawling out and onto the far bank, still licking the crumbs from his lips.

There are several versions of The Gingerbread Man over the last many decades since it's inception. I have taken the liberty of combining various portions of different versions, to include a few enhancements of my own, within this letterbox. You may want to visit these links:




BAKING TIP: Use Grain or Cane Sorghum instead of Molasses and Natural Brown Sugar instead of Processed White Table Sugar for improved quality and taste.

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