Balanced Rock  LbNA # 63027 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 30 2012
LocationDevil's Lake, Baraboo, WI
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Note: this box is probably best suited for careful older children or adults. It is up a challenging trail and ends with a climb up a steep rock.

The South Shore of Devil's lake used to be a campground many years ago. What is now a parking lot was once campsites with a view of the lake. You will begin your quest here at the Southeast corner of the lake. Look to the East of the beach for an indian mound of a bird. These mounds can be found in several locations at Devil's Lake and are estimated to be over 10,000 years old.

Look towards the East Bluff from the bird mound and look for the break in the trees to the south for the beginning of the trail. The trail will cross the railroad tracks, then look for a sign directing you to the left towards the Balanced Rock trail. You will take a short trail through the woods and then begin the hike up the stone steps.

Hike about 3/4ths of the way to the top, just before reaching the view of the Balanced Rock. You will see a large (60') rock wall. This is a very popular spot for rock climbers, so please be careful near their equipment. In the climbing community this wall is called the Watermarks.

Just before you reach the wall, you will see a trail sign guiding you the left. At this point you will veer off the trail and go in the opposite direction of the sign (to the right). If you look up the cliff, you will see a pine tree nearly at the top of the rock, this is where you are heading. After veering off the trail, follow the rock around and look for a ledge on your left with a large root going up the side of the rock. This root makes a great ladder to climb up the side. Follow the root to a steep 10' clearing at the top of the root. You will see the remains of an old stump directly in front of you. Stand in front of the old stump, then look to your left for an opening in the rock. You should see sunlight shining through the rock. Just above the opening you will find the letterbox, hidden under a couple small rocks.

For those of you that are more adventurous, continue up the rock wall on the left and you will reach a small ledge that has a great view of the lake. Be careful! Also, watch for climbers as they often tie off their ropes here, or climb past the ledge on their way up.

Please post the status of the box.