OwnerThe Jester Six    
Placed DateSep 3 2012
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By Schoenung5
Last Found Jan 31 2015
Hike Distance?

Someone told me
It's all happening at the zoo.
I do believe it,
I do believe it's true.

It's a light and tumble journey
From the East Side to the park;
Just a fine and fancy ramble
To the zoo.

But you can take the crosstown bus
If it's raining or it's cold,
And the animals will love it
If you do.

Something tells me
It's all happening at the zoo.
I do believe it,
I do believe it's true.

The monkeys stand for honesty,
Giraffes are insincere,
And the elephants are kindly but
They're dumb.
Orangutans are skeptical
Of changes in their cages,
And the zookeeper is very fond of rum.

Zebras are reactionaries,
Antelopes are missionaries,
Pigeons plot in secrecy,
And hamsters turn on frequently.
What a gas! You gotta come and see
At the zoo.
At the zoo.
At the zoo.


So here is the clue: This is an animal that lives at the zoo. It can take on a scorpion in a death match and win! Once you find out which animal that is, go to the building where the animal lives. Outside you will see a light post and a post with a banner on it. Due west of the light post is a forest. Walk about 40 paces from the light post into the forest and look for the tree that has a “piggy bank” slot at the bottom of it. You can’t miss it. Under some leaves and placed rocks in this tree you will find what you seek. Please be very discreet because you don’t want any Muggles to see you there! This area is highly trafficked. This letterbox is much easier to find in the winter but it’s doable in all seasons.

*** The letterbox is still in place as of 7/13/14***