Not One Damsels In Distress  LbNA # 6305

OwnerEccentric Suttons    
Placed DateNov 2 2003
Location???, OR
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 30 2002
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 20 2015

We just adopted this HH and dont even know if it is still out there, please let us know if you find it.

This hitchhiker was inspired by the book "Not One Damsel In Distress" in honor of a fellow-letterboxing, long-time friend on her birthday (November 2). I'd mention her by name, but I was informed by a reliable source that she has not CHOSEN a letterboxing name. Mysterious and elusive or not willing to make a commitment, you decide.
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Please keep me updated on the whereabouts of this hitchhiker!