Lime Blue  LbNA # 63051

Placed DateSep 5 2012
Location62B Queen Street, Charleston, SC
Found ByMinnesotaFinn
Last UpdateMay 17 2013


Lime Blue is a contemporary art gallery/shop in downtown Charleston. You'll find ceramics, prints, jewelry, paintings, and all kinds of art created by a variety of local and national artists.

The shop owner, Jeff, is J's cousin, so that's how we came to place this letterbox in a location we haven't yet visited ourselves! We look forward to getting there soon, and seeing how many letterboxers have stopped by to check out Lime Blue.

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10ish to 5pm. Ask to see the shop's copy of Darwin's "The Descent of Man," and you'll be given the letterbox.

And don't forget to say hi to Janey, the yellow lab.

--TJ_Mich, of Thiensville, Wisconsin