The Victorian Shilling  LbNA # 63065

Placed DateSep 3 2012
LocationWinona, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Nov 19 2013
Hike Distance?

You will want to bring a map of the tniaS s’yraM University Trails with you on this trek to aid you in parking, getting on the trails and getting back to your car.

This particular loop is 2.2 km over some difficult (but not crazy) terrain. It took us about 1 hour with the plant and taking notes.
The trails at the University are groomed as cross country ski trails and are open to the public year round, in the winter for skiing and in the summer for hiking. You will need to enter the campus at the main entrance off of Highway 14 in Minnesota and wind your way all the way through campus to get to the best parking spot for the box. There are a number of speed bumps and stop signs so take it easy. Find your way all the way to the St. Yonn’s dorm. You will park with a large volleyball court right in front of you and right next to the Frisbee golf course (which is also open to the public if you play).
Get out of your car and start your walk to the woods keeping the volley ball court on your left and passing golf hole #14 which is a par 3 dog leg left. You can see your trail head going up into the woods in the bluff. There is a gate which will usually be at least ˝ open.
Go straight until you have to make your first choice. Stay left and take the ‘more difficult’ path. You will keep going straight at the next choice taking the ‘most difficult’ path. Let the orange arrow guide you here. When the paths join up again and you are presented another option, go left which is pretty close to due east on the compass. You will come to a yellow sign on your right recommending ‘caution’. Walk approximately 25 steps at 95 degrees a bit off of the trail where there is a large fallen log. Behind the ‘nub’ of the log on the back side from the trail you will find your treasure under another ‘log shell’. You can turn around here as you are a little less than ˝ of the way on this loop if you would like.
Otherwise continue forward on the loop.
After some time you will come to a ‘two way traffic’ sign another ‘caution’ sign and there will be a bench and burn pit on your right. Walk down to the burn pit. If you are looking at the map you are somewhere around the E at this point. There are several paths that you can take to get you back out to the car at this point. There is also more hiking if you like. We took the second path from the right and this took us out to some apple trees, another burn pit and back to the junction where you took the ‘more difficult’ path to start this walk. From here you can take the short path down the hill and out to your car.