Forest Fairie  LbNA # 63066

Ownerspaceship passengers    
Placed DateSep 6 2012
LocationTryon Creek State Park, Portland, OR
Found By twinkle
Last Found Nov 12 2012
Hike Distance?

This magical park seems to house quite an array of enchanted creatures. In addition to Gnome Home and Bridge Cellar Dweller, the numerous trails will also lead you to one pretty little pixie.

Locate the Red Fox Trail where it splinters from the Old Main Trail. (Best to just obtain a map we think. The trails cross, converge and change names so many times, it might be best to have a written guide in hand. Most days, these are available just outside the door of the Visitor's Center but large versions are also posted publicly throughout the park.) Where Red Fox and Old Main meet you'll find a bench to sit and rest your wandering feet. Looking over your right shoulder, you'll notice a fallen tree whose roots reach out to you. Walk along this trunk until another blocks your way. This fallen friend didn't find a horizontal resting place but instead was caught by two smaller cousins who still stand tall. Where the three trunks meet over your head you'll find our little fairie in a snug little bed.

(For most folk this search will require either a little climbing or some blind overhead groping. As always, please use caution and common sense.)