Bridge Cellar Dweller  LbNA # 63067

Ownerspaceship passengers    
Placed DateSep 6 2012
LocationTryon Creek State Park, Portland, OR
Found By KuKu
Last Found Oct 30 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 27 2015

To locate this box, we think it best to obtain a map (at least for back-up). The trails at Tryon Creek cross, converge and change names so a printed survey can only make searching easier, right? (Most days, these are available outside the door of the Visitor's Center but large versions are also posted publicly throughout the park.)

From the Visitor's Center find Maple Ridge Trail and follow it to Middle Creek Trail (stopping to locate Gnome's Home if you wish). After crossing High Bridge continue on Middle Creek trail until arriving at Beaver Bridge. At the bridge's far end, at the left (north) corner, where only a troll would dwell, a small pile of stones hides the Bridge Cellar Dweller.

(You may wish to continue forward on your path to locate Forest Fairie.)