The BEE's are buzzing in Avonlake  LbNA # 63072 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2012
Location32649 Electric Blvd, Avon Lake, OH, Avonlake, OH
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The BEE's are buzzing in Avonlake

The Bees are buzzing in Avonlake.
This box is dedicated to my Mom's friend Traci-
Take bug spray if it has been wet outside.
Take your log book, stamp, ink pad and pen:)

Start at Avon Lake Library
Park in the Back where you see the trails marked Kopf Family Reservations.

Stay on the trail. Enjoy the quiet and beautiful view.
Look for the only white fence on the house on the left.
Once you see the fence head toward it.
Look for the pile of Railroad Ties.
The BeeMcTraci is located under the railroad tie with a rock on the top of it.
Facing the trail the BeeMcTraci will be on the left side of the Railroad Ties.
Don't forget to put your first name only, age, city you live in, and if you see any animals:)
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Happy hunting
Jacob,Nicholas & Mommy Irene