Spider in the Woods  LbNA # 63074 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 22 2012
LocationOlmsted Falls Park, 7850 Main St, Olmsted Falls, OH, Olmsted Falls, OH
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Spider in the Woods

Three Friends that Love Trains & Woods.
Jacob 8 yrs old
Nicholas 7 yrs old
Stratton 8 yrs old
Good friends for Life.
Happy Hunting!!!
Bring Stamp & Ink Pad
Bug Spray
Camera for memories:))

Olmsted Falls-
Take Columbia to Olmsted Falls.
Turn Left where the Olmsted Falls Library is-
7850 Main Street
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138-2034
Park in Lower section
Follow the trails into the Park
Follow the Trails around the Rock Wall.
On the left check out, the views-
Keep going straight. Stop at the Brick Women's restroom on the right.
Turn down Quarry
sign restroom is on the left side now.
Large rocks on left up ahead...follow the trail to left.
Straight ahead cross over two fallen branches. If they are no longer there follow the trail to the left.
Do not go to the trail to the right.
(one that goes downhill)
Stay to the left.
Stop at the trail that is at the top of small hill.
Look to your Left.
You will see a stump about 3 feet tall.
Next to that is a Large tree, at the base of the tree is a large Rock.
Look behind the rock under branches you will find Spider in the Woods.
Please make sure you seal all bags and put back in :)
Don't forget to go back on and log you found it.

Happy Hunting
Jacob, Nicholas & Stratton