Numar's Legacy  LbNA # 63085

OwnerReim Family    
Placed DateAug 31 2012
CountyCape May
LocationCape May County Park & Zoo, Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Found By skullz
Last Found Aug 2 2014
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Cape May County Park & Zoo

When I was growing up (in the mid 70s - early 80s), my family spent our summers just
a few miles away from this wonderful little park. In those days, the "zoo" was tiny -- little
more than a children's petting zoo, with one very distinct difference. It featured a few
barnyard animals, a couple of birds, and... a lion! What a sight to behold -- an honest-
to-goodness LION in a small, cement-floored, chain-link enclosure. When he wasn't lying
regally on his concrete perch, he would pace back and forth along the fence, gazing at us
with piercing eyes. When the chickens would start clucking, prompting the donkey to bray
wildly and the birds to squawk, that mighty King of the Jungle would let out one deep,
awesome roar... and the whole place would fall silent. Not knowing his name, we always
called him "Leo." Years later, when the zoo really began to grow into the incredible place it
has become, a small monument was installed in memory of that first big resident, and we
finally learned his real name: Numar.

My family still enjoys frequent visits to this great park. We hope you will too. Following the
clues to find our letterbox will take about 25 minutes or so, but we strongly encourage you
to take your time! You will not need a compass, but something to write with will help.
(There is NO fee to enter the park or zoo, but you'll find a donation is well-spent!)

"Numar's Legacy"

Clue 1: In Memoriam
Near the entrance to the zoo, you'll see a place where animals go around in circles all day,
and another place where you can find your favorite animal on a t-shirt or mug. Along the
path BETWEEN these two places is the stone memorial bearing the lion's image and name.
Reading the inscription that FOLLOWS THE DATES, write the following letters, in order,
to spell an important word:
1. The last letter of the seventh word
2. The last letter of the last word
3. The first letter of the eighth word
4. The last letter of the fifth word
___ ___ ___ ___
1 2 3 4

Clue 2: Into the Zoo
Enter the zoo and pass by the exit which immediately follows. There are many paths you
can take from here, but you'll need to STAY TO THE ___ ___ ___ ___ (see Clue 1).
After passing by several animal exhibits, a rest room and refreshment stand, you'll come to
a building where some animals live indoors all the time. Near the front entrance is another
memorial sign -- this one is dedicated to a generous human who helped build the zoo, but
it has something in common with Numar's memorial. Enter and enjoy the exhibits.

Clue 3: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Facing the exit doors, look at the last enclosure on the ___ ___ ___ ___ (see Clue 1).
You'll see an information plaque for an animal that's named for another kind of animal due
to his markings. The plaque says, "Look for me outside." Exit and head toward where you
can find that animal, among several of his cousins. Look for the sign that describes the
LARGEST of this type of animal ("Large" is his MIDDLE NAME!). Read the sign, and
looking under "Stats:" (impressive, aren't they?), do this simple MATH problem:
SUBTRACT the maximum number they can grow in centimeters ( ___ ___ ___ )
from the minimum number they can weigh in kilograms ( ___ ___ ___ )
and write the answer: ___ ___ Remember this number!

Clue 4: Back on the Outside
When you're finished visiting the rest of the zoo, exit and follow the path that takes you
past Numar's memorial once again. Keep going until you come to an intersection where
the large playground is across the street in front of you. TURN ___ ___ ___ ___ (see
Clue 1 again). As you pass by the restrooms and approach an Education Center named
for two rhyming animal parts, look across the street and notice the picnic pavilion. Take
note of its NUMBER: ___ Remember this number, too!
Directly across from the Education Center, and to the ___ ___ ___ ___ (Clue 1 once
more!) of the pavilion, is a special kind of "golf hole," with a number to match the pavilion.
Carefully cross to that golf hole.

Clue 5: Your Destination
With your back against the "hole," stand to face the nearby SIGN (it's the sign for the
NEXT Hole: "9 - Par 3 - 238 feet"). SUBTRACT the number of the pavilion (Clue 4)
from the number you got in Clue 3: ___ ___ - ___ = ___ ___. Walk that many
PACES into the woods directly in front of you. (Remember a "pace" is two steps, so
count every time your right foot hits the ground) You're looking for a large "V" tree. In
the hollow base of this tree, you'll find the box. (We couldn't find a Lion Stamp, but you'll
find another familiar animal friend you've met along the way!)

Please remember to be discreet, and replace the box well-sealed and hidden.
We'd love to hear of your quest for "Numar's Legacy" -- please drop us a note!
Thank you,
The Reim Family