Mount Tabor Kitten Skip  LbNA # 63093

OwnerAmanda & Dave    
Placed DateSep 10 2012
LocationMount Tabor, Portland, OR
Found By J to the K
Last Found May 20 2013
Hike Distance?

You start at Harvey Scott. You are walking downhill in the direction that he is facing. You have found a small set of stairs going downhill at the edge of the parking lot. Follow them. Traipse lightly, like a kitten would.

You seem to have found yourself on a trail. You are walking downhill to a four-way intersection. You are tempted to continue walking downhill, but instead you turn right.

If you are a kitten, you will take 300 paces, and then look to your left in order to espy a headless tree. If you are just a human, take 30 paces. Head for that tree, engorge yourself on the treasures to be found within its roots.

The very best to you, traveler. Godspeed.