Mount Tabor Kitten Skip  LbNA # 63093

OwnerAmanda & Dave    
Placed DateSep 10 2012
LocationMount Tabor, Portland, OR
Found ByPalight4 (Attempted)
Last UpdateDec 31 2013
Hike Distance?

You start at Harvey Scott. You are walking downhill in the direction that he is facing. You have found a small set of stairs going downhill at the edge of the parking lot. Follow them. Traipse lightly, like a kitten would.

You seem to have found yourself on a trail. You are walking downhill to a four-way intersection. You are tempted to continue walking downhill, but instead you turn right.

If you are a kitten, you will take 300 paces, and then look to your left in order to espy a headless tree. If you are just a human, take 30 paces. Head for that tree, engorge yourself on the treasures to be found within its roots.

The very best to you, traveler. Godspeed.