The Flaming Trefoil  LbNA # 63099

OwnerBrownie Troop 43373    
Placed DateSep 10 2012
LocationWalnut Grove Park, 15050 Q St, Omaha, NE
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Hike Distance?

1. Enter Walnut Grove Park (15050 Q St) from Q Street.

2. At the split in the road, take the fork on your right (heading NORTH).

3. Park at the first shelter on your left.

4. Begin by facing the shelter (facing WEST), then turn right and take the path. You should now be heading NORTH.

5. If you walk past something nailed to a tree trunk, you are going the correct way.

6. Take this path toward something yellow that rhymes with a common hand tool.

7. Now turn left to face WEST again.

8. Time to get off the path and go for a walk through the trees.

9. Continue walking WEST, over the concrete ditch, to the next yellow object you see. Walk to the middle of that object.

10. If you need a break, turn to your right and go have some fun.

11. If not, turn to your left. You should be facing something that rhymes with mountain.

12. Take about eight or nine large steps forward. BE CAREFUL !!! The ground is uneven.

13. You're getting very warm. Can you feel the heat from the Flaming Trefoil yet?

14. Look under a large oblong object that should be touching your foot or that is nearby to your foot. You will be standing in the grass.

HINT: The large object looks like many others, but can be moved, whereas many nearby cannot. There is also a smaller object in the grass that is touching the large oblong object.