The Secret Tunnel  LbNA # 63109

Ownerletterbox extrordinaire    
Placed DateSep 3 2012
LocationOARDC (1680 Madison Ave.), Wooster, OH
Found By letterbox extrordinaire
Last Found Sep 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Warning: You will need tennis shoes just in case you get wet! :)


Park at the Research Operation Services building near the rose garden. To your right is a garden path. At the beginning of the pathway you will see a stone pillar that reads, "The Million Flower Pathway". This is the path you will follow. At the first fork, turn left. You will see a beautiful pond on your right just a few steps ahead. Walk past the pond and keep following the trail straight. Up ahead you will see the "Jack and Deb Miller Pavilion". Keep going straight. Next you will see two stone pathways. Follow the one to your left. That path will have another fork in it almost immediately, stay to the left once more. Now you will once again another fork in the path, and you will turn right. Following this new path you will eventually reach an outdoor amphitheater. Go down all of the stone steps and then follow the green grass trail to your right. Once the grass trail ends and you hit pavement, you will need to turn left and go down the hill. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, turn left and stay on that until you see a pipe with concrete around the top edge of it, that goes underneath the highway. Go to the creek and waddle your way through the tunnel. Be careful though! Sometimes there may be water in this area. At the end of the tunnel, you will see a little pond area. To find the box, look around the right side of the tunnel. It is sitting under a few rocks on the hill. Please rehide well! Hope you enjoyed!