Birds for your edification  LbNA # 63144

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Placed DateSep 19 2012
LocationThe Audubon Society, Portland, OR
Found By Iron Blosam
Last Found Oct 8 2014
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(Note that this clue was updated on 20 Nov., 2012. Julio Julia was replaced with a new/different stamp and moved to a safer location after the original was reported missing.)

1) Henrietta
Portland Audubon's 150-acre Nature Sanctuary is nestled against Forest Park just five minutes from downtown Portland. The free-to-the-public sanctuary has more than four miles of forested hiking trails and is a showcase for native flora and fauna. You can visit and enjoy the trails year round, from dawn to dusk every day.

Begin your visit with a stop at the Wildlife Care Center. Here you'll meet the Society's education birds and can even get a peek at the many animals rehabilitating there. From the Care Center, head down the trail past the mews and over a couple of bridges. The road will fork near a third bridge and you'll want to cross that bridge to the covered Nature Study Shelter. In the cooler, wetter months the pond supports a variety of frogs, salamanders and newts as well as the occasional water fowl. After searching for life under the lily pads, turn around and head toward the creek. Twelve planks before the steps down to Balch, reach under the walk on the left hand side. Under a rock nestled next to the circular support you'll find Henrietta.
(Please re-hide well as this area is often used by large groups of curious children for education purposes.)
(Return to the earthen trail to find Julio Julia and Finnegan.)

2) Julio Julia
Portland Audubon's Wildlife Care Center provides a permanent home for several non-releasable native birds. Each of them was brought to the Society with an injury so severe that the birds would have been unable to survive in the wild. They now serve as ambassadors for their species and Portland Audubon in local classrooms and at events.

Julio is Audubon's Great Horned Owl. She was found as a nestling after the tree containing her nest was cut down. She was then raised by humans and never learned how to be an owl. By the time she was brought to the Wildlife Care Center at 5 years of age, it was too late to reverse the imprinting that had occurred. Releasing Julio back into the wild after she had imprinted on people would have put both humans and the owl at unacceptable risk. She was originally thought to be a male because of her small size. Thus the name Julio. In our family, however, we like to call her Julia.

To find new Julia, follow the Woodpecker Trail up the hill (after finding Henrietta near the Nature Study Shelter). It's a ways up there with a few smaller side paths. Ignore these and continue up until you reach what we like to call the "duck face tree". (Stop near here to find Hazel: AQ #210776 if you'd like.) When the Woodpecker Trail meets the Jay Trail, take the Jay. Ascend and cross the bridge. Stop for a rest with Linda. After taking in the beautiful surroundings carry on up hill once more. Stay on the Jay trail as it passes Wren. Ascend the wooden steps and cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge a wooden walkway begins. Some paces beyond the walk, triplet trees are on your left. In the crux of the three under duff you'll find Julio Julia. Continue forward on Jay to find Finnegan. (Note that Jay and Wren cross twice and you're heading to the junction at the BOTTOM of the hill.)

3) Finnegan
Finnegan arrived at Portland Audubons Society's Wildlife Care Center in May 2000. He was removed from his nest in the Columbia River Gorge after biologists discovered he had a deformed foot and would never be able to hunt effectively - he would starve in the wild.

To find Finnegan at Portland Audubon's Nature Sanctuary follow clues to Henrietta and Julio Julia and continue from there. At the T where Wren meets Jay, walk southeast on Jay for 13 paces. A tree on the left leans toward the trail (and, so long as it remains, a small tree also stands to bring your attention to Finnegan's hiding spot by whacking you in the forehead). Behind the base of the large leaning tree you'll find Finnegan under a pile of sticks and twigs.

Continue on down the trail taking a right at the Y to return to familiar territory.