Trick or Treat - Peace be with You  LbNA # 63170 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Humming Harkies    
Placed DateSep 23 2012
LocationCranbury, NJ
Found By M*A*S*H
Last Found Jun 24 2015
Hike Distance?

The box has been replaced as of 7/31/14. Pleas report your findings in case it goes missing again, thanks.

Welcome to The Humming Harkie's first letterbox. It is based on our favorite ice cream place, Gil and Bert's on Main St. in Cranbury, NJ. You can feed a family of 5 for around $12 and the flavors are awesome. They are open until October 31st. We love it!! Cranbury is still a great historic town to walk around all year.

Begin at Gil and Bert's Ice Cream shop on Main St. next to the Post Office. Head North on Main St. Make your first right. (There is no street sign, but there is a bank on the corner.)

Walk about two houses down and locate the cemetery. Standing on the sidewalk on the cemetery side find the sign that says, "The Second Presbyterian Church of Cranbury" and other information. From this sign look up and slightly to your left. Locate the tallest and closest monument, The Schenck Family.

Facing the Schenck Family a snow white, very old tombstone will be behind you. This is Mary Harriet. You are a few steps away from your trick and treat.

With your back to Mary Harriet is a HUGE old tree with thick branches. Your treat lies beneath.

Bring your own ink pap. Please re-hide well in case of the caretakers.