The Pirate Ship Revenge, Seven Seas Series 2/7  LbNA # 63174

OwnerDrunken Wench    
Placed DateSep 22 2012
LocationDodgeville, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Oct 26 2013
Hike Distance?

The Pirate Ship Revenge is the second in the Seven Seas Series of pirate themed letterboxes placed at bodies of water all across Wisconsin.

Governor Dodge is a state recreational area that requires a fee for a day pass.

Park in the Cox Hollow Beach parking lot and begin your trek at the entrance to the Lakeview, Pine Cliff, Mill Creek, and Military Ridge trails.

Follow the sound of rushing water and cross over it.
WHOA! No white horses allowed. Back up, climb up, and take the seaside route. I hear tell these waters are ruled by the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Rejoin the main path straight ahead. When the paths diverge again, take the path at 240*.

If you pass a stump on your right, you are heading the right way.

If you are feeling "mostly dead," you can take a load off at the shoemaker's place.

Don't rest too long! Follow the path to the right around the fireswamp. Watch out for the ROUSes!

Soon you will see a large tree encroaching on the path from the right side. From this tree, take the number of white horses times 10 paces down the path. Look to your left to find a large, mossy, light colored tree with dark branches. Standing next to the tree, take a bearing of 250* and walk 7 paces. Reach under the ledge for the Pirate Ship Revenge. I hope you have been building up an immunity to iocaine powder.