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Placed DateSep 23 2012
Location8910 Jewella Ave, Jenkins Subdiv, Pinecroft Subdiv, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Uni, Shreveport, LA
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Sheriff's Safety Town, a project of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, is designed to protect children by teaching safety skills and allowing them to practice those skills in a safe environment. A child-sized town with miniature streets, buildings, crosswalks and working traffic lights offers the perfect setting for bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular safety instruction.

Following classroom instruction, all Caddo Parish second graders will take a field trip to Sheriff's Safety Town. Here, miniature electric cars, bicycles, and pedestrians share the road as students demonstrate the safety concepts they have learned. The visual impact of Safety Town reinforces what the students learn in class. Safety Town is also available to children from other parishes and grades as time is available and is used as a location for other youth/adult safety programs.

Areas of instruction include
* Vehicle safety
* School bus safety
* Bicycle safety
* Fire safety
* Pedestrian safety
* Electrical safety
* Railroad safety
* Gun safety
* Weather safety
* 9-1-1
* Stranger danger
* Poison safety
* Water safety
* Natural gas safety

To the Box: The box is not located IN Safety Town. It is to the left if you are facing it.
You will see a yellow fire hydrant...from this point, you will take 20 paces toward a tree.
Your treasure is there! Happy hunting, if you need help just email me.