The Great Escape  LbNA # 63230

Placed DateOct 4 2012
LocationCharlotte Rhoades Park, Southwest Harbor, ME
Found By PeaKay
Last Found Jul 27 2014
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Since 1988, a group of women has been coming to MDI for a weekend "Great Escape." We have known each other from childhood, school, college, neighborhood, or town. We love coming to this island to walk, laugh, listen to the waves, talk, laugh, enjoy great scenery and restaurants, laugh, hug, catch up on family news, and connect to each other. This is our first group letterbox, and we hope you enjoy it.

This box is in Charlotte Rhoades Park, named for a woman who lived at this site. It was donated as a quiet place of beauty for people to enjoy. The park was created by the Southwest Harbor community and opened with a release of butterflies. It is best visited when the gardens are in bloom.

All "Rhoades" lead to where butterflies are free.
Enjoy the garden of flowers, and then keeping the water on your right, find the largest triple-tree with an old birdhouse nestled in it.
Face the birdhouse in the tree, and look down to find the large exposed root heading to the left.
Stand at the end of the root.
Now face the water and take 10 steps forward toward the water.
Turn left and see the biggest, bumpy White Pine tree.
At its base is what you seek.