Gigantic Giraffe  LbNA # 63235

OwnerGigantic Giraffe    
Placed DateSep 30 2012
LocationDiscovery Park, Muscatine, IA
Found By lasermom
Last Found Sep 29 2013
Hike Distance?

Enter Discovery Park off of Cedar Street.
Park in the parking lot by entrance pond.
Take the paved trail leading NW.
Off this trail to the right is a grassy trail. (Trail walk is about 1 mile round trip.)
Follow this grassy trail and you will come to a short bridge with rails and a sign MYCC Project 2002.
Continue on and cross the long bridge with rails and a sign MYCC Project 2001.
You will soon see a set of stairs to the left but stay on the grassy trail. You are going the right direction.
Start keeping track of the bridges without rails you go across...there will be four of them.
You should see a set of stairs off to the left of the trail. You are very close.
Shortly past these stairs are 2 big deads trees lying on the ground.
The closest tree has big branches on the ground.
In the second big branch farthest from the trail that is lying on the ground, if you look between the "V", the letterbox you will see!

*Please place letterbox back where you found it and let us know what you thought of the little trail walk and your search for this letterbox.