SS Adventurer  LbNA # 63236 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMom & 2 girls    
Placed DateOct 14 2012
LocationEastlake Reservoir 3, Thornton, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found May 5 2013
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Last EditedSep 19 2015

The SS Adventurer

This box is planted for my parents (SS) who have decided after long years of demanding work, raising 3 kids, and doting on 6 grandkids that it is their turn to pursue their dreams and go on an Adventure! Having lived their lives being land locked and always dreaming of the ocean, they have emptied their home here in Colorado and refilled a new one in Port Townsend, Washington.

My parents & I started Letterboxing together 6 years ago and it has taken us to all sorts of new and unseen places! My dad’s only rule to letterbox is, “HAVE FUN!”. We have done just that! So we send them off with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts that they shall have their adventure and continue Letterboxing in new and unseen places (just a little farther away).

-----------Happy Sailing Gunslinger & Stargazer!!!----------------

**Besides the stamp & logbook are postcards stamped and addressed to SS -- If you should be so inclined please take one with you, write a small note and/or stamp your stamp and drop it in the mail. My wish is that they will always know that Colorado is home.**

Directions to the box:

From 128th and Colorado Blvd you will go west on 128th Ave to Fillmore Ct and turn right which will take you into a small parking lot. Park here and head to the cross walk to cross 128th Ave into Eastlake Reservoir 3. Here you will go down the path until you have a choice to go left or right. By going left you will have a LONG walk around the lake (about 1.4 miles, but a pretty walk!) or you can make it a short walk (less than .25 miles) if you go right. So by going the shorter way (to the right) you will walk again until you get to another fork in the road and here you will look to your left and see a bridge. You will cross over the bridge and on the other side of the bridge off to the right and tucked UNDER the bridge is the letterbox. It is bagged but covered in a snake colored tape so don’t be scared!!! There is a bench back by the fork in the road to sit to do your stamping. Please be careful not to be seen hiding it so no one with mess with it.
Have fun!

First Finder Prize!

This is an Easy Hike.
Trail is pet, kid, biker & runner friendly. Handicap accessible. Busy depending on the time of day.