A Walk In the Park  LbNA # 63241 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSparky & Baxter    
Placed DateOct 5 2012
LocationWindrose Park, Peoria, AZ
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Apr 1 2013
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A Walk in the Park

Drive east on I-10 to I-101 North on the west side of Phoenix. Take the Thunderbird exit approximately 11 miles up the 101, and turn right. At the second light, 83rd Avenue, turn right. At the second light, Sweetwater Ave, turn right and at the first left, 83rd Lane, turn left. Turn into the parking lot of Windrose Park. Take the sidewalk past the restrooms and follow the sidewalk up to the basketball court. Walk across the basketball court to the white wall with the brown brick stripe around the top.

On the right hand side of the white wall is a bush that is almost in the corner where the white wall meets the brick wall. The letterbox is buried under the bush between the wall and the bush.

You can take the letterbox and make yourself comfortable on the park bench or the pavilion close by and enjoy the nice day and the park. You must check out the steel tree in the middle of the park before you leave. It is even lighted at night. Just be sure you donít escape bad weather under the tree if itís thundering and lightning. Storms and steel donít mix!!! :)

When you have finished with your stamping and recording your information, please put the letterbox back together and place it under the bush where you found it and make sure itís covered so no one can see it.

Be cautious!! Watch out for dangerous desert critters!!!! Let us know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing. www.sundevilmandl@cox.net Also, record your find at www.letterboxing.org or at www.atlasquest.com. ENJOY!!!!