Moss Park/ Split Oak Forest  LbNA # 6325 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 1 2004
LocationOrlando, FL
Found By Donutz716
Last Found Mar 15 2009
Hike Distance?

*******This park took a huge hit from the hurricanes. Box #1 is missing, but box#2 is intact. We will relocate the first box, but will probably wait a few months and see what debris will be cleared before we replace it. Until then, enjoy the park and box#2. The split Oak withstood the storms!**********

Moss Park is located in Southeast Orlando. It has facilities for camping, picnicking,and boating. The Split Oak Forest is a large wildlife area with many hiking trails that is adjacent to Moss Park. There is a $1.00 entry fee per person and no pets are allowed.

Directions to Moss Park

From North toll- Take 417 south to 528 west to exit #13 Narcoossee Rd. Turn left onto Narcoossee Rd. Follow approx. 2 1/2 mile to Moss Park Rd. Turn left. Follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From North non-toll- Take 436(Semoran Blvd) south to Hoffner Rd. Turn left. Follow south; after passing under 528 continue south for approx. 2 1/2 miles to Moss Park Rd. Turn left and follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From East toll- Take 528 west to exit #13. Turn left. Follow approx. 2 1/2 miles to Moss Park Rd. Turn left and follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From West toll- Take 528 east to exit # 13. Turn right onto Narcoossee Rd. Follow approx. 2 1/2 miles to Moss Park Rd. Turn left and follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From South-west toll- Take 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) north to 417 north/east to exit # 22 Narcoossee Rd. Turn left. Follow 1 mile to Moss Park Rd and turn right. Follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From South-east toll- Take Hwy 192 west to Narcoossee Rd. Turn right. Follow north 12 miles (passing under 417) to Moss Park Rd. Turn right and follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

From Kissimmee/ St. Cloud non-toll- Take Hwy 192 east to Narcoossee Rd. Turn left. Follow north 12 miles (passing under 417) to Moss Park Rd. Turn right and follow 4 miles into Moss Park.

If you need further assistance with directions please call the park directly at 407-273-2327.

Moss Park/ Split Oak Letterbox #1

At the entrance gate, take your first right, check your odometer,and drive through the campground areas. Continue past the group campsite and into the addition to Moss Park, which is still under construction. Go about 0.8 miles (from your first right turn) and there will be a road to your left. Continue past this, curving around to the right about 0.1 miles further and you should see a gravel path to the right, which is Split Oak Trail. (Due to the construction, the road may be blocked off and you may need to park your car and continue on foot to this trail).

Follow the Split Oak Trail, which becomes a gravel causeway from Moss Park to the Split Oak Forest, enjoying the wildlife you will see in the marshes.(It is possible that this trail may be VERY wet, recently parts of it were under several inches of water, but at other times it has been completely dry) We have seen herons, sand hill cranes, deer and snakes while traveling this trail. As you get closer to the Split Oak Forest, it will become a dirt path and end in a 'T'. Turn right following the Lake loop/ Split oak trail. After a few minutes the trail splits-take the right fork, and as you continue on the Lake loop/Split oak trail, look to your left and you will see the huge split oak tree that gave the forest its name. Stop to read about this amazing 200 year old tree that split in two around 50 years ago but has managed to thrive. From the Split Oak, find the sign that marks the continuation of the Lake loop trail. From this sign, stay on the trail counting 52 kid sized paces(1 pace = a single step)to a double trunked tree on the left side of the path. From there, take 44 paces to an unusual tree on the right that has 4 limbs sticking straight up. Step off the trail, and with your back to this tree, take a compass bearing of 45 degrees. Walk 55 paces and you will find a big tree with a hole in it's side. The box is hidden in the hole and covered with some spanish moss. Don't forget to poke with a stick before reaching in for the box and please re-hide it well!

Moss Park/Split Oak Letterbox #2

After finding the first box, return to the trail and continue on the Lake loop trail until you see a sign with a blue #7. Travel a short distance further into a clearing, and looking to the right, find a tree that appears white. Hike to that tree and stand by it with your right side next to the tree. Take a compass bearing of 230 degrees and take 28 paces. Look down to your right at the large fallen tree on the ground and search in the hollow limb for the box. It is a fairly deep hole-you may need to get down on your knees to see the box. Please be sure to re-hide it deep in the hole-two boxes have vanished from this park already!

To get back to the trail from the box, a heading of 180 degrees will bring you back to the clearing.

We hid Box #1 while we were visiting our aunt in Orlando. Alex is 11 and Kevin is 10. This is the first box we've hidden although we have found many boxes in Florida and Kansas, our home town. Please contact us if you find our boxes.