Have Your Cake and Stamp It Too  LbNA # 63253 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Backwards Duo    
Placed DateOct 7 2012
LocationIndian Hills Park, Columbia, MO
Found By Tres Toros
Last Found Nov 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Have Your Cake and Stamp It Too

This stamp was carved for B.'s birthday (B. and A. are two members of The Backwards Duo) by A. A thought it would be fun for other letterboxers who are also celebrating their birthday! So, Happy Birthday!

The Clues:
Go to Indian Hills Park in Columbia, MO (off Aztec Blvd.). Park in the parking lot, next to the dog park. On the gravel path, you can go left or right around the park. Go left on the gravel path, beside the dog park. Along your walk on the trail, you'll pass playground equipment and a baseball field on your right hand side. You'll eventually get to a gravel path that intersects and goes to the right. Stand in the middle of that intersection and look towards the woods at 15 degrees North. From the edge of the gravel, take 15 big steps to your first big tree (Pin Oak) inside the woods. Once on the other side of that tree (with your back to the trail), look 9 degrees North for a big stump -- the biggest one there is. Take roughly 20 big steps and reach waaaaay down into the stump to claim your cake.

Please let us know the condition of the box. Thank you!