Puey  LbNA # 63254 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSparky & Baxter    
Placed DateOct 7 2012
LocationRio Vista Park, Skunk Trail, Peoria, AZ
Found By Frau P
Last Found Feb 22 2014
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Owner: Sparky & Baxter
Date Placed: 10-7-12
County: Maricopa
Location: Skunk Trail, Peoria, Arizona

Difficulty: Easy
Walking time: 10 minutes from parking lot

Take I10 west to Phoenix to the 101 North on the west side. Go north to Thunderbird and exit. Turn left and go under the freeway to Rio Vista Blvd. and turn right into Rio Vista Park on the right (second stop light). Follow the main road past the Recreational Center on the left, the main pavilion and playground on the left. Go as far as you can and turn left and park at the farthest end nearest the freeway. There is a yellow sign on the path that warns bikers of a “downgrade” on the path. Pedestrians, please watch for bikers too. They really speed along the pathway.

We saw no sign nearby that calls this trail “Skunk Trail”, but we have seen signs elsewhere along the path. Hence the name, “Puey” – although it smells perfectly fine in this location.

Walk the path that goes along the wash and go down the hill towards the bridge. Just before you reach the bridge, you will see a SPOR on the right. Once you have found the SPOR, you have found the letterbox. Take the box under the bridge into the shade, relax, and record your findings.

Please be careful of your surroundings and when you are ready to leave, please plant the box so that it is well hidden and secure. Put the container in the larger Ziploc bag, to protect it from the weather.

Be cautious!! Watch out for dangerous desert critters!!!! Let us know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing” www.sundevilmandl@cox.net Also, record your find at www.letterboxing.org or at www.atlasquest.com. ENJOY!!!!