Wake Up  LbNA # 6328 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJan 22 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Found By drew8
Last Found Feb 4 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 17 2015

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: about 1/2 mile

Status of Minibox: Alive, but wet on 2/7/07

The Wake Up minibox is located in Bear Creek Park, in east Houston. This park has picnicing, hiking, riding trails and a golf course. This box replaces the retired "Running Rabbit" microbox, and is in a new location.

From I-10, go north on Hwy 6 to light at Patterson rd. Turn right on Patterson, and go .4 miles to park road. Turn left on this road and go 1 mile to turn off right into the Equestrian Nature Trails area. Turn right and go to far south end of parking lot.

To the Minibox:
From the parking lot, walk south to the gate, past the trail sign, to the Snake display sign. From here, go southwest at 140 degrees, across the clearing to the path through the trees. Take this path to a juction path coming in from the right. Stay left (straight)and go another 85 paces as the trail bends east, to a tree on the left of the path with a bird house on it. No continue on main path for 95 steps. As the path curves to the northeast, stop by the tree on the left edge with the hole at its base. With your back to this tree, walk 20 steps at 120 degrees to a large tree. Now go 9 steps at 100 degrees toa medium sized tree, with a hole at about 4 feet from the ground. The minibox is in the hole, protected by some loose bark. Please replace the bark so that the box is not exposed!!!
Let me know the status of this box: babybearlb2002@yahoo.com