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Placed DateOct 8 2012
LocationMahwah, NJ
Found By Getting out there
Last Found Oct 31 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 31 2015

On Moffatt Rd in Mahwah is a little known cemetery that dates back to the 11 German Palatine Families who settled in the area in 1713. Most people don’t know the cemetery is even there let alone where the road is.

Follow Route 17 North to the Getty Station. Just past that is Moffatt Road, turn in. On the right hand side you will see wooden steps leading upward. Hold back your temptation to climb for your first clue is below. There is a blue commemorative sign posted on the road. Note the 5th family name then proceed upwards.

Walk to the cistern (yes, I had to look that up too) and look for Mary, a member of the 5th family name. She left this world on Jan 5th, 1859. With Mary directly behind you go now to little Peggy. At almost 10 years of age she still dances in the light of the moon.

Continue forward until you come to Catherine, wife of David “the sly one”. Her age is not known save for 23 days. Now back track 5 steps and down you go. A tree with a mouth to the underworld you face, careful not to slip inside. Instead go around to the back side and there the treasure you will find.

So many stones all but forgotten,
So many lives left behind in time.
It is we the future who must remember their being
For we can still play in the warmth of the sun.