tale of the swamp monster  LbNA # 63299 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerKings treasure    
Placed DateJul 10 2012
Locationdeadman park, manchester, TN
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Getting excited about Halloween? well read on! we made this letterbox come with a spooky tale, just read on and take down notes you will figure it out. we tried to shorten the tale for you.

This isn't any other letterbox it has a story behind it. Ive heard this story many times and some people believe it some people laugh. There was once an average teenager named Dillion, he and his friends were always commonly seen in the Manchester park as it was their favorite hang out place. But one day the boys were hanging around a *painted overpass next to a children's park* when an old man who looked more troubled than usual, in fact kind of exhausted, (commonly known as the hermit who lived in the park) approached Dillion (being the boy who stood out the most)and handed him a golden necklace. Dillion being slightly confused asked why. the only response he received was a "dont hang around at night with this, Shel come after you, i cant take it anymore, have it". "Just take it and walk on theirs no sense in listening to that old man." one of the boys said. I heard hes been haunted by the monster said another. Dillion asked very curious "monster?" his friends replied yeah the swamp monster that hangs around at night". In his doubt Dillion just laughed but a long story short Dillion was dared by his friends to stay around at night and being the macho man he was Dillion accepted. so he came back around dark just as the maintenance men were leaving the park. It want long until he heard a blood curtailing scream and Dillion saw coming out of the water a figure the size of two men. he yelled and ran *down the trail keeping the parks to his right* he wanted to run through the looney memorial field but he could not. it was gated off. the monster following him he was consumed by fear and ran *past the looney memorial field* and *over a bridge right in front of another overpass* then he remembered what the old man said about the necklace so he looked to his right and found 4 trees close together, he noticed *one tree had three growing out of the same trunk* he stashed the necklace in there and took off. but by what legend says the monster got hold of him and kept him in the swamp for the night, however it is true they found him one morning in some bushes deep in the bramble muttering to himself. ever since Dillion hadn't talked to anyone he just kind of seemed traumatized and nobody but his friends knew why but they were to afraid to say anything, after a while Dillion just became known as the hermit who talks about the park.

for those of you who havent figured it out its in the tree ;) we posted stars next to the important clues. when you find this letterbox leave a message for Dillion after all hes always seen around there at the tree. Happy Halloween!! :D 2012
- kings treasure