Prospect Park Trio  LbNA # 63357

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateOct 16 2012
LocationProspect Park, Livingston, NJ
Found By JerseyTrailblazers
Last Found May 25 2014
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Prospect Park in Livingston is a good example of what can be done with a limited amount of space in a suburban setting. Three loop trails take you through a variety of terrains, from rocky hills, to forest and marsh. Combined, the trails are just a little over a mile long. This is a great place to teach kids how to read trailblazes, as all three trails are well-blazed. (Any more blazes and the place would be on fire!) It is also difficult to get lost, since there are maps posted at various points along the way.

Flitter (clue updated 8/5/2013)
On the Red Trail, pass the talk circle and keep going until you see a large molar in the middle of the trail. Take 12 paces (footfalls) and turn right. Take 10 paces (footfalls) to a V-tree where one leg of the V has split asunder and fallen to earth. Just beyond this is a smooth barked tree. Flitter hides among the roots on the opposite side. After stamping in, continue on the Red Trail until you reach your starting point.

Nutty (clue updated 3/7/2013)
On the Lower White Trail, cross the footbridge and continue on until you find two trees close on either side of the trail, with a rock in the middle of the trail between them. Follow the line of trees up the hill to a pair of trees in a V shape, with a large round rock directly on the left. Nutty hides under a SPOR between the rock and the trees. There’s a convenient rock to sit on while stamping in. Continue on the Lower White Trail until you’re back where you started.

On the Upper White trail, follow until you find the drop-off. Find the large rock near the brink, where the trail makes a 90 degree turn. Stand on the rock and admire the view of the creek below. Turn to your right and look for a V tree about 25 feet away. Go to this tree and look behind you and to the right and you will see a handsome beech tree. Buck is hiding among the roots under a SPOR and some forest debris. Continue on the Upper White Trail until you are back where you started. Look sharp for the point where the trail goes back to the footbridge, or you may wind up starting a second lap on the loop!

• No ink included; bring your own. Black is suggested.
• This is a good series for kids, but watch out when looking for Buck, as one can take a nasty tumble in spots.
• Please rehide better than you found them.