Nancy Drew and Togo Go To the Dog Park  LbNA # 63368 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWi Biker Chick    
Placed DateOct 21 2012
LocationWatertown Plank Rd Dog Park, Wauwatosa, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found Nov 24 2012
Hike Distance?

5/3/15: These boxes are no longer there, and due to construction, they have been moved. Sorry!

Nancy Drew and her cute Bull Terrier Togo loved to solve mysteries together. I love bringing my dog Katie to this dog park because it's off-leash and she can run in the woods and have fun. Bring your "Togo" with you while you find these boxes!

Start by getting to the unmarked dog park on Watertown Plank Rd located behind the Ronald McDonald House. Turn into their drive, but instead of going in their parking lot, continue down the gravelly road to a circular drive where you can park. You'll see the majority of the dog park is to your west. It's a large grassy area with picnic tables and chairs, and jugs of water for dogs.

Box 1: Find the concrete path that heads into the woods at 318 degrees and walk north. The path will automatically curve to the east. You'll come to an intersection of paved paths, but keep walking east. As you walk along, you'll see on your left the remains of an old building with a foundation of pink granite stones. There's a very large tree on the left too. Standing at the tree, walk at 351 degrees 14 steps to the edge of where a wall used to be. Climb over pieces of the wall to the northwest corner of what this structure used to be. Behind a piece of concrete is box 1. When you're done stamping, re-hide the box and head back to the tree.

Box 2:
At 82 degrees you'll see a small path that heads into the woods. You'll notice that there are two lines of trees and this path goes right in between them. If you follow the path, it will make a slight turn to the left. You'll pass a large tree on your right, but keep walking. On the narrow path through the trees, the path curves to the right at about 61 degrees. Keep going. As you walk, there's a very large tree with a small tree growing out of its base. Walk to the right of this tree. On the left is an old chain link fence. Keep walking by it. You'll come to another tree with a great opening at its base for a letterbox, but that's not where ours is. You'll be at the top of a hill, and you'll see down to your left a ravine with lots of broken trees in it. Keep walking south on this path. On the left you'll see a very large tree that's fallen with its roots showing. Keep walking, and you'll see on your left a stone stairway down the hill. Walk down the hill and walk up the stairway. At the top of the stairs, you'll see a chain link fence. Walk 11 steps from the top of the staircase. At 111 degrees you'll see a path. Take this path. The path heads ESE through the woods. Keep going. You'll come to an immediate fork after 10 steps in. Take the left fork at 111 degrees and keep walking. You'll walk over a skinny fallen tree and on the left you'll see a lot of fallen trees that have fallen on the chain link fence, including one that has its roots showing. If you look at the fallen tree right next to it that has broken through the fence, you'll find box 2. It's on the north side of this fallen tree under bark near the western end of the tree. After stamping, come out to the main path you were just on.

Walk 14 steps at 245 degrees. Turn left. You'll see a broken upright tree with lots of holes in it on your left. Walk 15 steps toward the WSW and you'll see a two-trunked tree on your left, with a fallen tree. You'll be parallel to the chain link fence. Follow the path as it goes west at 287 degrees. Up ahead you'll walk between two large trees and there is a large fallen log. When you get to the log, you can get back to the main path by walking west. Walk 26 steps and to your left, you'll see a break in the chain link fence and under your feet remnants of an old road. There are white concrete slabs and bricks. Turn right. On the left down the hill you'll see another stone staircase with a tree that's fallen across it. Keep walking north until the staircase is below you in the ravine. Walk down the hill and up the staircase. You have to duck under the tree. The hill is steep, so be careful! If you don't want to go under the tree on the staircase, you can climb the hill by walking up it on the north side of the staircase. At the top of the staircase, turn left, and walk along the path. On the left up ahead you'll see a break in the chain link fence. Walk through the break, and on the left you'll see what used to be a concrete railing of some kind. Walk left and you'll be parallel to the fence and the railing, and can see the staircase in the distance. You'll come to an intersection on the path. Turn right. Immediately on the right again, is a muddy dirt path that goes diagonally SW up a hill. Take this path up the hill to a grassy clearing. You'll see the Ronald McDonald House. The clearing is the east end of the dog park circular drive where you parked.

Status reports are welcome!