Doggone it! Series: Freyja  LbNA # 63370

Placed DateOct 22 2012
Location601 Mason Street, Stevens Point, WI
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Doggone It! Dog Series

"Freyja" box

This box is the third in a series called “Doggone It!” The purpose of these “Doggone It” boxes is to provide letter boxers who bring their dogs letterboxing quests that are dog-friendly, i.e.: dogs are allowed on the trail. The other two boxes, Callisto and Clover, are currently MIA, and are being rebuilt.

The Freyja box is created in honor of Freyja (pronounced Fray-ya), Dan and Rachel’s black lab. We adopted Freyja from the Portage County Humane Society. Freyja is our sweet, fun loving, handful of energy and vet visits due to chronic stomach issues. As soon as we turn on Water St. she starts to cry out in excitement, that she will soon be running free at the "Bark Park."

The park itself is easy to find once you know where you are going. If you are heading South-East on Water St., the turn is two blocks after the railroad tracks. North-West, it is just after the Stevens Point Brewery. A good landmark is Union Cemetery. Follow Mason St. until you see the dog park sign.

After parking, enter the bigger dog play area, and let your dogs be greeted by anyone else in the area. Follow the Southern path along the fence protecting the smaller dog play area.

Once you reach the end of the fence, you will see two LARGE downed trees with their root ball exposed. Follow the path towards those two trees. One of the two fallen trees will be laying parallel to the path. That tree will have one large branch touching the ground. Walk around the root ball to the back of the tree. Where the large branch is touching the ground will be your stamp. Please re-cover the box once finished, as this can be a popular dog hangout.

Once you have finished stamping, keep following the trail for a nice half mile walk. Your dogs will love it, and so will you. The fence around the park is well maintained, and even though your dog might take off down a smaller dog sized path, they will not be able to escape. Enjoy your time at the Stevens Point Dog Park!