Girls Rock at Centennial Park  LbNA # 63387 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGirls Rock    
Placed DateOct 24 2012
LocationCentennial Park, Grafton, WI
Found ByTreasure Hoppers (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 4 2014


When you arrive at Centennial Park, park in the main parking lot. Start at the shelter. Walk east to the paved trail. Where the path splits, go to the right. When the path ends go to the left and down the hill. At the bottom of the hill stop when you see the rocks which will be on your right. Turn right and walk to the bridge, but donít cross it. Take the path to the left of the bridge. Look down and under the corner of the bridge. Our box is hidden in a hole under some leaves. Hope you have fun! Girls Rock!!!