Haunted Asylum  LbNA # 63388

Placed DateOct 31 2012
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By 2beachlovers2
Last Found Jun 5 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedApr 1 2016

Halloween - the day when the boundaries between this world and the spirit world are thinnest, when ghosties and ghoulies can cross over to our world. Dusk marks the boundary between day and night, dusk on Halloween means the riskiest of times for venturing out from the safety of home!
If you will step up and brave the dangers, the clues to the Haunted Asylum will be posted at sunset (5:44) on Halloween.


Make your way to Miller Park, park near Friday the 13th, watch out for Michael! Walk along the front of the stadium. Bud Selig stands near the clock tower. Is that the tower from Vertigo? Or a bell tower, listen closely, can you hear Hell’s Bells playing Trevor Hoffman onto the field? Follow along the silent sentinels. Are the ghosts of baseball games past echoing from the field? Hopefully the spirits of the steelworkers are protecting you on your quest. Is that Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Roll Out the Barrel? Can you hear the crack of the bat as Hank hammers one out of the park? Or another crack as Robin rocks one out and the chant of “MVP” starts up in the stands. Mr. Baseball calls it, “Get up, get up, get outta here, GONE!” Stand with Mr. Baseball and look to the west. Follow along the road in the direction he is gazing. As you walk along a the road, a hill is looming over you to the left. Do the Hills Have Eyes? Keep your eye out for a blue and yellow sign across the road with a paved path climbing up the hill. As you look up the hill, the Haunted Asylum is looming from the hill above you. Climb up to the hill and stand in front of the Haunted Asylum. A fence is holding you back, or is it holding something or someone inside? The sign includes a line: “In ____ Mix moved to Milwaukee as a partner of Boynton & Mix.” Take the number of the year, strike the second digit and you have Mix’s number. Cross to the fountain. Walk up to the edge and gaze down into the basin. Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true! Now look down and to your left. Edwin H Arpe 19__-1961. What is the number that finishes that first year? That is Edwin’s number. Near Edwin is L W Hanke, Col (Ret). Look for Col. Hanke’s Dev Arty number. Trace your steps back down the hill towards the ball field. At dusk the owls were calling. Hopefully they are not from Twin Peaks! Return to the blue and yellow sign. Use the number from Mix for your heading and take Appe’s number for your number of steps. Your path is ahead of you. You would not want to descend on Halloween, you must ascend! Do you have the Rite of Ascension at hand? Buffy is not around to stop you. Climb a number of steps to match Hanke’s number, then take a couple more for good measure. Look left to a large tree. From this tree take a 65 degree heading and ten steps. Look north and you should be looking through a gap. Work down through the gap to a stone shelf. The Haunted Asylum is hidden on the down slope side of that rock shelf. You can make your way back to your starting point from here. On Halloween night we will be at Fridays if you want to stop in for refreshment and share any encounters you had with the other side.

This would not be a good box to attempt if it is rainy . The hill will be treacherous if it is wet!