100 years of Girl Scouts  LbNA # 63399

Placed DateOct 27 2012
Locationcypress, TX
Found By GS14382
Last Found Oct 27 2012
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Directions: Travel to Northwest Houston to the intersection of Jones Road and Cypresswood. Make a left from Jones onto Cypresswood. Travel about 1/2 mile from the intersection and make a right into the parking lot of Lakewood Crossing Park. This is a small little park right before Lakewood Forest. There is a skate park, hiking trails, a playarea and picnic area. There is not a restroom at this park.

History of Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts was started by Juliette Low in 1912, right before the Civil War. Her family had several interesting family members. Her grandmother was captured by the Indian tribe, Senecas, and lived with the tribe for several years. Juliette's grandfather was one of the founding fathers of Chicago. She became great friends with Robert Baden-Powell from England who started the Boy Scouts in 1910.

Her nickname was Daisy and had hearing loss as a young adult. As a young girl, she learned many different languages, was a great artist, started a sewing club to help the poor families in her community. When her friend started the Boy Scouts, she decided to start a girl club back in the United States. She wanted to give every girl an opportunity to learn new things and to be a helpful citizen in their community. Juliette Low knew that the girls of the world could make a big difference. The first girl scout troop had 18 girls and they went camping, played sports and helped others in their communities.

These are some of the same activites that today's Girl Scouts are based on. Girls enjoy camping, performing service projects in their communities and learn how to do things that they may not have an opportunity otherwise. Girls Scouts is an amazing way that girls can express themselves and learn how to be a leader so they can change the world!

Clues: Start at the parking lot, travel to the right side of the park. Stay on the asphalt path, going towards the skate ramp. Follow the path towards the left and as you pass the Seated Curl machine on the left side of the path, continue slightly towards the right on the dirt path into the woods. Continue to walk along the path until you get the split in the path, stay on right side of "Y" and continue walking until the smaller path runs into a larger dirt/sandy path, go left. Walk along the path next to Cy Creek. Count 50-55 steps and stop. Turn towards the left side of the path and walk a few steps into the bushes and start to hunt for treasure next to an animal hole.