Escape from Franksville  LbNA # 63404

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateOct 27 2012
LocationFranksville, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jul 26 2014
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last checked/found: 27-OCT-12

Time/distance: ~30 minutes roundtrip
Terrain: Unmarked forest trail with one stream crossing.

Many years ago a curious scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein traveled from Europe to a town in Wisconsin which sounded like a good place for him to settle down to conduct some experiments. Victor was obsessed with trying to create a living creature and ultimately succeeded. However his creation, which he had hoped would be beautiful, was instead hideous, with dull yellow eyes, and a withered, translucent, yellowish skin that barely concealed its muscular system and blood vessels. After bringing this daemon to life, Victor was repulsed by his work and fled from the scene. It seems the monster also fled, but if you are clever you can track him down....

The creature first lumbered south from Franksville until he reached a German road and headed southwest. When the fiend reached a road that “sparked” a memory of his electrical beginnings, he headed south. He then began to “C” the light and swerved southwest towards the setting sun. The wretch’s vision was almost 20-20, so he made a slight westward diversion and then almost immediately entered a park road to the north.

He knew he was hideous to behold, so he crept to the far end of the loop until he reached a metal barrier. He lurched into the woods on a bearing of 70° at the eastern end of the barrier. The creature shambled between a tall tree with a small cave at the base and a long fallen log. He then trudged toward two cut stumps on his left and staggered down a hill, passing through a gutted giant. At the bottom he veered northeast and stumbled through a small stream, ignoring the rough log bridge. He plodded along the trail for another 100 steps until he saw a fallen giant on his right, resting on another toppled giant. The wretch concealed himself at the base of the one bearing the burden.

Use caution when approaching and if you are brave enough to record your sighting of this monster, be sure to conceal him well afterwards so he doesn’t frighten the forest animals.

We’d appreciate a report on whether the fiend is still hiding out or if he has disappeared, perhaps to terrorize another community.