Tulip Falls  LbNA # 63406

OwnerThe Long Valley Cows    
Placed DateOct 14 2012
LocationSouth Mountain Reservation, West Orange, NJ
Found By The Keswick Clan
Last Found Oct 26 2013
Hike Distance?

Drive on Pleasant Valley Way, go past McLoone's Restaurant.
Turn Left Into "Tulip Springs"
Bear Right to Parking Lot

Box #1
From Parking Lot Enter Woods. To the left of map sign. Between Large Tree and Telephone pole.
Uphill to the Pine Forest. Follow the trail marked Orange and Yellow.
Do you see a tee-pee?
Proceed on the Orange and Yellow Trail.
Look for a Bridge. Cross it.
Around the bend you'll see...
a camel looking tree.
Bear Right at the Tree, to the trail marked Yellow and White, and travel downhill
You will come to an intersection
Head towards a Stone Bridge, continue straight
There will be a large rock on your left and a brook on your right.
At the top of the incline look for two skinny trees, as you pass them turn right into the woods. Look for two carved trees.
Put your back on "Chicken and Rice"
Look to the right and you found it.

Box #2
Double back to the intersection beyond the stone bridge.
Bear right
You will pass a tree carved "Sam"
Follow the Yellow trail
Do you see a bridge? Do NOT cross it.
At the bench turn right on to the Yellow Trail.
Look! Water Falls!
Go up the stairs on the Red and White Trail.
Up 63 steps Catch your breath then up 20 more to the top of the water fall.
Sit on the benches and enjoy the view!
Then continue left and downward toward the water.
Head towards the Graffiti and cross the water.
Head up stream. Look For the Red Dots and cross the brook again go up and look for three skinny trees.
You have found the box.