Fairy Moon  LbNA # 63414

OwnerThe Red Cat    
Placed DateOct 28 2012
CountyYellow Medicine
LocationMemorial Park, Granite Falls, MN
Found By TheGhostApple
Last Found Mar 15 2015
Hike Distance?

Fairy Moon

This box is designed as a quick stop to stretch your legs and take a break from the prairies of Minnesota. Granite Falls is one of my favorite stops on the drive to my in-laws due to its large amounts of exposed rock (granite, presumably) and the Minnesota River.

Take Hwy 23 to just south of "downtown" Granite Falls. If you are coming from the North, turn left onto Hwy 67. If you are coming from the South, turn right onto Hwy 67. Drive for a short distance and turn left into Memorial Park, the entrance of which is marked by two elaborate stone posts. Immediately after turning into the park, turn right and park in the dirt/gravel loop. Leave your car and head down the paved path and through the metal gate. Continue down the paved path, enjoying the peeks of the Minnesota River on the left and the exposed rock on the right. You will come across a bench to the right of the trail. Sit on the bench and look to 45 degrees for a large boulder/outcropping of rock. Make your way to the east side of that rock pile. As you get closer, you'll see that the rock is actually divided into three layers of sorts. You'll find what you seek at the eastern end of the middle "layer" under leaves and two small rocks.

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