A Tree For All Seasons  LbNA # 63415

OwnerThe Red Cat    
Placed DateOct 28 2012
LocationWayside Park, Marshall, MN
Found By TheGhostApple
Last Found Aug 16 2013
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A Tree For All Seasons

The only times I've ever been to Marshall are around the holidays when we visit my in-laws, so I always associate Marshall, MN with Christmas and family times. Even though Christmas trees are only up for a short time each winter, this tree can last all year.

On the south side of Marshall, just off Hwy 23 and next door to the Countryside Apartments, is Wayside Park (on 234 Avenue). Park in the lot. Head down the wide gravel path, past the informative sign about prairies. Take the paved trail. Cross the bridge and continue straight into the woods, past a faded "No Hunting" sign. Continue down the wide mown path. The path will eventually come to a "T". Just before the "T" are small dirt trails branching off from the wide path. Take the small dirt trail on the left. Follow this trail as it meanders through the woods. You'll pass a huge five-trunked tree on the edge of the woods on the right. Eventually, you will reach a narrow trunk that fell across the trail. Take 22 steps down the dirt trail from the narrow fallen trunk. You will see a massive four-trunked (at least!) tree at the edge of the woods on the right. Six steps further down the trail, stop and look to the right. You should see a fallen, curved tree at the edge of the woods (about 10 steps into the woods). Make your way to this trunk and stand in the middle of the ground inside the curve. Look down and to the right where the fallen trunk meets the ground. The box is under the trunk and leaves.

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