Historic NJ 1  LbNA # 63418

OwnerThe Humming Harkies    
Placed DateOct 28 2012
LocationMain St., Hightstown, NJ
Found ByThe Humming Harkies
Last UpdateAug 11 2013


This letterbox as been replaced as of 6/16/.

We think NJ is beautiful and gets a bad reputation just getting off an airplane into a stinky city. So this family is starting a Historic Town Series, beginning with our hometown of Hightstown.
Hightstown has been around since 1832. The railroad was installed in 1850 from the Amboys. There is a Historic Center on North Main St. next to the art gallery that can tell you more. It is also worth it to walk up Stockton St. from Main St. and see some really beautiful, old Victorian homes. Around the holidays Hightstown offers a Holiday Home Tour that is very interesting.
Hightstown is also known for their fishing. They have a Ducky Fishy Derby at the Harvest Festival every year and other tournaments. Peddie Lake is a great place to canoe, kayak, and paddle boat.


Park on Main St. or in the lot of the restaurant on the lake, still on Main, but directly across from Stocton St. intersection. The restaurant has changed hands so many times the name doesn't matter. It is a restaurant/bar with a patio deck on the left if you are facing it. You will see the library in the distance off to your left.

Go behind the restaurant where there is a sidewalk to walk along the lake. Take it to the right. Follow it down, pass the boat ramp, and walk to the end of the sidewalk. There are trees here lining Peddie Lake.

Go to the last tree before the fence and you will find your Peddie Lake treasure. Please recover better than before.