The Game is Afoot  LbNA # 63501

Placed DateNov 9 2012
LocationAltura, MN
Found By Clann O'Duggan 2
Last Found Apr 25 2013
Hike Distance?

***The last note I got says that box 1 was missing***
Visit the Beautiful retawetihW etatS kraP. There are many beautiful areas to hike here. Park in the lot for the Chimney Rock Trail.
Professor Moriarty has conspired to confuse letterboxers with hard to follow and unclear clues.
This particular path is about 45 minutes long, depending on the pace you set. Terrain is difficult, rocky and a steep ascent up stairs.
Follow the path to the Chimney Rock Trail. You will cross a bridge and begin the hike by going right and up the stairs. Keep going, lots of stairs here. At the top of the stairs, go left and visit Chimney Rock. You have a great view of the beach and your car from up here (at least we did in the fall, the view may be blocked in the summer).
Continue on down the path from the rock. You will come to some wooden steps. With a foot on the top wooden plank, take a reading of 30 degrees. Walk that direction approximately 26 steps and you will come upon a fallen tree that is nice and hollow down at the stump end. Just a bit up from the very stump end, but inside the hollow tree, you will find Watson providing back up and waiting for Sherlock to complete his investigation.
But where is Sherlock? Keep going down the steps. Turn back around and come back up the stairs, counting 36 stairs. At 15 degrees you will see a fallen log. Take about 15 steps to the back of the fallen log. On the back end of the log, under some large hunks of bark, you will find Sherlock looking for (letterboxing) clues to thwart Moriarty’s diabolical plan.
Continue on. At the map, turn left and continue on the trail along the water to complete the loop and go back to your car.
Enjoy this beautiful park!