One Way  LbNA # 63537

Placed DateOct 12 2012
LocationLaramie, WY
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Time: 15 minutes, one way
Distance: about 3/4 mile from parking area
Rating: easy/moderate - a few hills and some rocks to step over

There are many ways to reach our letter box. Here is one of the ways to reach our box:

From Laramie, WY go east on I-80 and travel about 12.5 miles and exit 329, Vedauwoo Road. Go north on Vedauwoo Road one mile from I-80, to a left turn into Vedauwoo Recreation Area, staying on paved road. You will pass the main picnic area and pay station. The paved road will end and will turn to a dirt road. Continue on the dirt road for about .5 miles. You are looking for a semi-circular turnout that circle around a large pine tree. There is a buck rail fence bordering the semi-circular parking area. There are no fee notices in this parking area.

Park in the semi-circular area and walk all the way to the left ( facing the rock structure)and around the buck rail fence. There is a faint trail that leads from the fence. Follow it as it heads toward the large rocks in the distance about 25 yards from your car you will cross a stream. There might be a plank that will help you cross the creek. Continue to follow the trail as it winds through the trees and into an opening with an old two track. Across the old road is a pile of rock the size of a small house. To the left the third section of buck rail fence is missing the top rail. Go through this section and follow the trail towards the rock face ahead through the aspen grove. The trail will split near the base of the rock face. Take the right hand trail it will go past a large mushroom cloud shaped rock and then break into the open. About 15 yards into the opening the trail splits take the upper trail. You will see a huge rock about three stories tall with a smaller rock about 4 feet sitting at its base( This rock is sitting out away from the rock face). On the left side of the smaller rock is a cave opening.

Enter the cave opening. While kneeling in the cave mouth you will see an old graveled creek bed. To the left you will see a large rock that is blocking the creek bed. On top of this rock behind a football sized rock is the letter box.

Although many ways can be used to get to our letter box always remember there is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ! We hope you have had a good time finding this box.