Trolley Stop Market  LbNA # 63545 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 31 2012
Location704 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN
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Close to downtown, the Trolley Stop Market, located at 704 Madison Ave in Memphis, is one of my favorite restaurants. It is a casual, friendly, locally-owned restaurant and market that serves up a generous serving of pizza and sandwiches, while giving you the opportunity to shop for items made by local artists, crafters, artisans and farmers. Live music is often played on Friday nights. I even held a small letterboxing meet and greet there. Their website is My favorite sandwich there is a grilled chicken hoagie, hold the garlic basil mayo. You can park and enter in the back. Then seat yourself.

To find this box, make your way to the front glass window facing Madison Ave. The letterbox is a heart shaped blue and white with flowery pattern paper covered container sitting on the front window sill (not on the kitchen side window sill). It's about hand sized. (Please note, the restaurant owner keeps moving the box as they around to different spots. So, if you do go to find this box on the window sill, you may have to search among the items for sale by local artisans to find this box.