Moon Brownies  LbNA # 63549

OwnerMoon Brownies    
Placed DateNov 4 2012
LocationMoon Park, Moon Township, PA
Found By lilpippydo
Last Found May 24 2014
Hike Distance?

Go to Moon Park and locate the fishing pond. The start of the hiking/dogwalking trail is across the road and slightly downhill from the pond. Hike the trail until you come to a sign that points in three directions (alternate trail, main trail and dead end). Follow the main trail. As you walk, watch on your right side for a very large tree trunk that splits into three separate trees. This tree is only a few feet off the main trail, and not far past the sign. Our Brownie troop placed a blue plastic letterbox down in the tree trunk, in the bowl that was created when the trunk separated into three trees. If you find our letterbox, be sure to let us know when you were there, and where you live! Hike safely and enjoy our beautiful woods!