Hither, Thither & Yon  LbNA # 63560

Placed DateSep 30 2012
LocationHoward's Chapel, County Road 165, Mentone, AL
Found By The Wayward Scout
Last Found Jun 27 2015
Hike Distance?

Hither, Thither & Yon

Near Desoto State Park there is a chapel that is very unique. It is located on county road 165 near the intersection of county road 89. You may have to stop and ask at the state park where Howard's Chapel is. It's also known as Sally Howard Baptist Church. Once there take a look around at the chapel, cemetery and walking paths around the grounds. As you travel you will find a guide post. To find what you seek, go hither 20 steps. A perfect spot will appear on the right at the base of a tree but the letterbox is on the back side below leaves and rock. Tread lightly where you go.

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