Morgan's Raid #1  LbNA # 6361

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateNov 5 2003
LocationJasper, OH
Found By weezie1313
Last Found Mar 25 2012
Hike Distance?

Church Cemetery
Jasper, Ohio

Difficulty: easy
Terrain: hillside
Placed by: Mr. Bloodhound
Date placed: 11/5/03

In July of 1863, Confederate Cavalry General John Hunt Morgan lead more than 2,500 of his troopers on a daring raid through Ohio. Morgan's men left behind them an interesting account of one of the most daring raid's of the American Civil War (Not to mention some of the finest thoroughbred horses) Today, all along the original Morgan's Raid route, there are rich stories of what took place in each particular location. Some instances during the raid were quite comical, while other cases were tragic reminders that we were at war.

On, July 16, 1863 Morgan's Raiders fought a skirmish with the local militia near Jasper. Several militiamen were captured by the confederates, among them Joseph McDougal. McDougal, a prominent member of the community, was a devout unionist. As the prisoners were marched back to town to be paroled, several verbal altercations took place between McDougal and the Confederates. Tensions grew so high that McDougal was eventually executed and the town of Jasper was laid to waste. (Two highly unusual actions of the Raiders compared to the raid as a whole).

Directions: At the intersection of OH. 32 (Appalachian Highway) and OH. 104 is the town of Jasper in Pike County. Go north on 104 and take the first road north of the intersection (Jasper Rd) which leads west from OH. 104. Cross the old canal at look to the right for an old white church built on top of a hill next to the first very sharp bend in the road.(About 1/8 mile drive from 104) If you took Morgan's Route (From the west) you can see the church to your left from OH. 32 just before you reach the intersection with OH. 104. Park near a set of concrete steps that lead to the church.

Clues: At the northwest corner of the church take a reading of 350º and walk 12 paces(1 pace= 2steps). You should be standing at Joseph McDougal's grave. Now take a reading of 170º and proceed 5 paces. In front of "Nancy's" grave should be an old stone wall. Follow an imaginary line from the center of the wall south towards the brush line. There is a small collection of sandstone. Look for a triangular shaped stone, microbox sized container is under it. Bring inkpad and pen.