Birthday Adventure Series #2  LbNA # 63647

Placed DateDec 1 2012
CountyRichmond city
LocationJames River Park System--Northbank/Texas Beach, Richmond, VA
Found ByMartin family five
Last UpdateJan 1 2013


Clues to fill in the blanks below can be found in the Birthday Adventure Series Box #1.

1. Starting at Birthday Adventure Series Box #1, continue on the trail in the same direction.
2. Jump through the vine circle.
3. At the trail intersection turn _____________ near the gnarly overturned tree.
4. Continue on the trail with the stream on your __________.
5. Enjoy the James River vista.
6. Near the vista and next to the end of a chain link fence you will see a large, overturned hackberry tree (hackberry trees have unusual knobby ridges on their bark).
7. Underneath the tree you will find your letterbox.