Cat Etiquette: Litter Box  LbNA # 63655 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 10 2012
LocationShawnee, KS
Found By Hound Dawgs
Last Found Jul 13 2013
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Cat Etiquette: Litter Box

In our house we love cats. When we are being playful we will do "the Litter-box" at each other ala Puss in Boots. ("How dare you do the litter box to me!?") Also, My good friend would misunderstand when I'd tell her I was out "letterboxing". She thought I was out "litterboxing". Thus was born the idea of Cat etiquette. The first one is called "The Litter Box: Be sure to kick litter all over the floor."

Union Cemetary is located at 75th Street and Gleason road in Western Shawnee. It used to be a town called Monticello before Shawnee and Lenexa got greedy and ate it up. Lots of old, very cool headstones here. Go to the Southeast corner of the cemetary and you'll find Cat Etiquette wedged between the fence and a pine tree. I've included a pink marker in case you forget your ink pad.