Mr. Sanders - Hundred Acre Wood Series  LbNA # 63657

Placed DateDec 9 2012
LocationMayor's Park, La Vista, NE
Found By stargazing
Last Found Apr 20 2013
Hike Distance?

The letterbox is placed in a park adjacent to a school, so I suggest you avoid school days from 7:30am - 3:30pm when seeking this letterbox. You can use your GPSr if you want to, but it might be more fun to follow the letterbox clues below. Bring your own stamp pad.

You shall park in a small parking lot at the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Park View Boulevard in La Vista. From the parking area, follow the sidewalk east carefully crossing 72nd Street at the crosswalk. Go around the right corner of the fenced in area in front of you and continue to the east. Enjoy the scenery as the Hundred Acre Woods unfolds on your right.

Shortly, you will come to a gate and the entrance to Mayor's Park. Follow the tree line as you continue walking east along the south edge of this narrow park. As you follow the tree line, find a place where it curves to the south a bit creating a small clearing. You will be certain you are in the right spot by looking north and seeing the playground equipment at the school. Turn back to the south and near the center of the curved edge of the tree line, look for a path into the woods.

The path to Pooh's house starts as a dirt path. You will then come to a washed out spot in the path near a piece of broken concrete. The path will drop off from here and you will see a large piece of broken concrete. Take great care as you descend the ravine and follow the path of broken concrete chunks to the left until you reach the water's edge. You are almost there!

At the water's edge, turn sharply to the right (west) and follow the narrow strip of ground between the water and the rising ground. You will find Pooh's house around the bend just a few steps away against the bank. Bring your own stamp pad, I wish you good luck!