Three Dozen  LbNA # 63668 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateDec 12 2012
LocationAustin, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Feb 8 2013
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Fourth stamp in my Once-Per-Century Date Series

Our English word "dozen" comes to us, via Old French, from the Latin "duodecim," meaning "twelve" ("duo," two, plus "decem," ten). I've often wondered why we seem so fond of the number twelve, since most people have ten fingers. Apparently it's all based on the fact that the moon goes through twelve cycles in a year. In mulling over why we package so many things by the dozen, I began to wonder about "Baker's Dozen," otherwise known to the carb-averse as thirteen. Wikipedia explains that the term dates back to the 13th century, when Henry III of England decided that bakers who shortchanged customers were simply thieves and should lose a hand. Bakers immediately began giving thirteen donuts for every dozen ordered just to be on the safe side. (Since "baker" is so close to "banker," I've been trying all morning to get the Treasury Department on the phone to pass along Henry's insight, but there seems to be no one home.)
Today's date, 12-12-12, marks Three Dozen, an ample amount to take to the company Christmas Party. For a real treat, get that Baker's Dozen at the Sweetish Bakery on 1102 W. 6th Street once you've located the box.

To work up your appetite, here are directions to the letterbox:

Park on Shoal Creek south of the number street with one-third of the total of this box name. You'll need about about SixDozenCents to feed the parking meter machine. Look for the parking meter with number totaling One Dozen. Take the pebbled path/sidewalk heading north from Meter No. One Dozen. Count 2 pebbly sections down the path (*) to the cement sections going under the bridge. Once you reach the pebbly part again count one dozen minus one sections. (Did you pass a skateboard park on the right?) Iron railing bordering another 3 cement sections. Now count one dozen minus two pebbly sections to the next cement sectioned walkway, under second bridge. At the end of the next pebbly sectioned walkway, you'll find several wood poles along the right (is there a stadium across the road?). Go to the end and count back one dozen minus one. Hole in one? Reach inside, but not until you've tested it with a long stick first. Today's plant date is nestled inside.

*Alternate directions if you parked near Duncan Park: Locate Parking Meter No, totaling one dozen on 10th Street. Proceed north counting two baker's dozen plus two pebbly walkway sections. Continue from (*).

This is a high traffic area, so please be stealthy. And recover well with rock and leaves.