Computer Pirate  LbNA # 63686

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateDec 18 2012
Location2642 Barton Hills Dr, Austin, TX
Found By Astro D
Last Found Apr 6 2013
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Moderate (short steep climb, 0.5 mile RT)
Status: alive

The Gus Fruh Trail provides access down to the main Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail from Barton Hills Drive. It boasts easy access to several climbing walls and a deep swimming hole when the water is flowing. It is also home to several pirate-themed letterboxes, including this one.

From Loop 360 go east on South Lamar then north on Barton Skyway to Barton Hills Drive. Turn left and park by the Barton Creek Greenbelt - Gus Fruh Access Trail.
Walk on the trail, take the first right and wind down to the creek where a trail merges from the right. Go right on this trail about 200 yards, winding through rocks and ducking under branches until you come to a path leading to a cave on the right. Continue straight 55 steps then go right through trees to cliff. Climb up to highest ledge and go left about 10 or 15 steps to just before a cactus in the rocks. Climb up to crevice beneath a tree branch hanging down from top of cliff. Letterbox is within behind rocks.